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Welcome to the KNIGHTS Gaming Group

The KNIGHTS Gaming Group is a dedicated community that promotes an active and a friendly community among its players. Our administrative team is friendly, active and always willing to help its community members.  Our players come first on our servers. We strive for an official-like game play experience with quality-of-life improvements minus all the toxicity.  All server documentation (server guidelines, settings, connection links, etc.) can be found on our Discord.

Here you will find a paid shop which you may use to purchase currency and/or VIP packages for use on our cluster(s).   All purchases go directly back into the servers to cover operating costs/hardware upgrades.   

Steam accounts are required to use the shop but you DO NOT need to own the game on Steam.

if you own ARK:SA on another platform such as XBOX/PS5/WINDOWS STORE, follow the directions found here .

if you own ARK:SE on EPIC, input your EPIC ID NUMBER in the prompt on checkout.  Directions can be found here .

If you get stuck, please visit our Discord and ask in our #general channels for whichever platform you need assistance with. 

We thank you for your support!

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