Upcoming Stack Mod Change Direction Update


Greetings! In preparation for the upcoming stack mod removal on our modded cluster, we have come to the realization after some testing that our dedicated storage solution will NOT work as we originally intended and outlined to our players in our original post.

We will still be going through with the stack mod removal but have some updated directions we wish to share with you.

  • Please take a screenshot after you get all of your resources consolidated in the dedicated storages clearly outlining the amounts you had and types.
  • Please place a tek transmitter and a dedicated storage intake close to your dedicated storage location. (note: if you dont have access to a tek transmitter, we will provide a solution.)

One of our admins (MysticalCheese) will be heading up resource replenishment. We ask you DM your screenshot of resource totals to him on Discord ( MysticCheese#6566 ) and he will grant you access to a resource depot we will have setup on TheIsland. Players will be able to visit and reupload the stacks of the resources they had to the ark cloud. Players can then redownload via their transmitter in their bases. We will also be temporarily raising the stack ceiling to 100K and reducing the global weight to practically nothing for all even further for easier transferring.

This will also be postponing the day the stacking mod is removed to give players time to follow the updated directions. The new date is (1/31/2021) Please have a screenshot of the resources you had prior to this date.

In closing, we realize this solution is a bit messy and isnt the easiest but is the only way to remove a redundant mod without wiping out all resources.

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