PVP Retirement Server

author image by SirShaw | 0 Comments | 08 Oct 2020

This server is designed to let players take a break from pvp while retaining their dinos in a pve environment. This server does NOT allow transferring in or out of gear, or resources.  Players can:

  • Transfer in survivors with no gear and dinos ONLY. 
  • Transfer out survivors with no gear ONLY. 

This server is also password protected.  By agreeing to this, you agree to:

  • Not hide on this server during raiding activities
  • Troll or perform any other malicious acts against other players

This server will also never be wiped and will be governed by the pve rule set (found in menu above)

If you agree to this, press the “I AGREE” to see the server password.  This password will be changed per season.

anything transferred into this server is final, nothing can transfer out of the pve but the survivor!!!

KNIGHTS Gaming Group