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Greetings all. There has been a sensitive topic that we have been meaning to bring up that Im afraid can not wait any longer.

Given the amount of tickets, discord requests, etc we have had lately in regards to structure removal, now is the appropriate time to talk about the following.

We run what is called “no-wipe” pve ark servers. In that we will never wipe our clusters and start over from day 0. We utilize cleanup tools that ensures only active tribe assets remain on our servers and for the most part, it does an awesome job. Here’s the issue. Many newer players are simply disregarding the ruleset we have in place that limit tribes to 2 large bases, and 1 outpost per world (except extinction and genesis of course). With the popularity of our servers exploding lately, we need address this issue. Below is a screenshot from #22 Ragnarok Crossplay but all of the other maps look pretty much the same. Each pink circle represents a meaningful structure/base while red means non meaningful like thatch structure, bed on a foundation, etc. These are ALL player structures of active players. As you can see, we have an issue:

Now how do we go about addressing this? Well first and foremost, we need the players help. Please check our rules and make sure you are in compliance with what we have laid out as far as the building rules. Please spread the word as well while in the servers that players need to be adhering to these.

We will give players a period of 2 weeks to get back into compliance. We really do not want to have to administratively start removing bases but will do so if the issue continues to spiral out of control. If it does come to this, we will select assets at random per tribe that is out of compliance for removal per world.

I just want to close out by saying we want the best possible experience for all our players on our servers and that starts with the ability for players to build a base. Newer players have simply been either building within an ear shot of another tribe or simply quitting. We want to ensure the servers remain fun from day one for all.

If players have any questions, please reach out on our discord and we can tell tribes exact locations of assets if they have forgotten.

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