PvP in-game commands & shop


Below is a list of all the commands in our servers players can use in global to perform various actions.




Shows visual ORP range


Sets the tribe ORP at the player location


Removes the tribe ORP





Shows your personal stats


Shows global leaderboards for; 1 = Playtime, 2 = Player kills, 3 = Tamed dino kills, 4 = Wild dino kills, 5 = Dinos tamed, 6 = Most deaths to players, 7 = Most deaths to tamed dinos, 8 = Most deaths to wild dinos


Private message an online user


Quick reply to most recent PM received


Displays your tribe’s dino limit


Kills your player


Opens ARK /shop


will bring up a guide on how to use the pull/distrbute system for resources/gear.



Requires VIP Membership or Dino Color Tokens from online store.
When applying dino color tokens to a dino for the first time this will consume 1x Dino Color Token from your balance. Any painted dinos will be neutered or spayed for 1 hour. During this 1 hour period, you can change the color of the said creature as many times as you like until you are satisfied.
After this 1 hour period, your creature will no longer be neutered or spayed and will now be able to breed again. You will be unable to change the color again without spending another 1x Dino Color Token resetting the 1 hour timer.


Displays dino color tokens remaining


Randomises the target dino’s colour


Paints the target dino’s region to that color


When targetting a dino, will save that dinos colour scheme. Saved colours are species specific


When targetting a dino, will load a saved colour scheme for that species


When targetting a dino, will display all previously saved colour scheme for that species




Below is an explanation of our shop, kits and points system alongside complete kit, buy, and sell lists for our servers

All players passively earn points every 30 minutes whilst playing.
  • Regular players earn 50 points per interval
  • VIP Tier 1 Membership holders earn 150 points per interval
  • VIP Tier 2 Membership holders earn 100 points per interval
  • Players can earn additional points by selling Alpha & Boss Trophies using /shopsell (NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY)
  • All kit uses reset on the 1st of each month, this includes regular & vip kits


KitbuyidUses (per month)RequiredContents
Mindwipemindwipe31x Minewipe Tonic
Cryopodscryopods1VIP5x Empty Cryopods
Chibischibis1VIP1x Chibi Magmasaur, 1x Chibi Giga & 1x Chibi Pheonix
Haristyleshairstyles1VIPUnlocks all head and facial hairstyles
Ragnarok Boss Kitragboss1VIP10x Argent Talon, 10x Basil Blubber, 10x Megalania Toxin, 10x Megalodon Tooth, 10x Sarco Skin, 10x Sauro Vertebra, 10x Spino Sail, 10x Thyla Claw, 10x Titanboa Venom, 10x Tuso Tentacle
Broodmother Boss Kitbroodboss1VIP5x Argent Talon, 5x Sarco Skin, 5x Sauro Vertebra, 5x Titanboa Venom
Megapithecus Boss Kitmegaboss1VIP5x Megalania Toxin, 5x Megalodon Tooth, 5x Spino Sail, 5x Theri Claws, 5x Thyla Claw
Dragon Boss Kitdragonboss1VIP5x Allo Brain, 5x Basil Blubber, 1x Giga Heart, 5x Tuso Tentacle, 5x Rex Arm, 5x Yuty Lungs


50% Dino Imprintimprint1
Empty Cryopodcryopod500
Mindwipe Tonicmindwipe300
Dung Beetle Lvl 75dungbeetle500
Achatina Lvl 75achatina500
Bulbdog Lvl 75bulbdog500
3x Basic Kibblebasickibble300
3x Simple Kibblesimplekibble400
3x Regular Kibbleregularkibble500
3x Superior Kibblesuperiorkibble600
3x Exceptional Kibbleexceptionalkibble700
3x Extraordinary Kibbleextraordinarykibble850
Unlock all Head Hairstylesheadhair200
Unlock all Facial Hairstylesfacehair200
Chibi Allosauruscallo300
Chibi Ammonitecammo300
Chibi Ankylosauruscanky300
Chibi Argentcargent400
Chibi Astrocetuscastro600
Chibi Baryonxcbary300
Chibi Basiliskcbasilisk400
Chibi BloodStalkercbloodstalker600
Chibi Brontosauruscbronto400
Chibi Bunnycbunny500
Chibi Carbonemysccarb400
Chibi Carnoccarno300
Chibi Castroidesccastro400
Chibi Cherufeccher300
Chibi Cniadriaccniadria400
Chibi Daedoncdaeod300
Chibi Direwolfcdire500
Chibi Dodocdodo300
Chibi Doedicuruscdoed300
Chibi Equuscequus400
Chibi-Ferox (Small)cferoxsmall600
Chibi-Ferox (Large)cferoxlarge800
Chibi Gasbagcgas400
Chibi Giganotosauruscgiga400
Chibi Gigantopithecuscgiganto400
Chibi Griffincgriffin500
Chibi Iguanodonciguan300
Chibi Kentrosaurusckentro300
Chibi Magmasaurcmagma800
Chibi Mammothcmamm300
Chibi Managarmrcmana500
Chibi Megalaniacmegalan300
Chibi Megaloceroscmegalo300
Chibi Megatheriumcmegather300
Chibi Moschopscmoschop300
Chibi Oviraptorcovi400
Chibi Ovuscovus400
Chibi Pair-o-saurscpairosaurs500
Chibi Paraceratheriumcparacer300
Chibi Parasaurcparasaur300
Chibi PartyRexcpartyrex600
Chibi Phiomiacphiom300
Chibi Phoenixcphoen600
Chibi Plesiosaurcplesiosaur500
Chibi Procoptodoncproc400
Chibi Pteranodoncptera300
Chibi Pulmonoscorpiuscpulmo300
Chibi Quetzalcquetz400
Chibi Raptorcraptor300
Chibi Reapercreaper400
Chibi Rexcrex300
Chibi Rhinocrhino400
Chibi Rock Drakecrdrake600
Chibi Rock Golemcrgolem400
Chibi Rollratcroll300
Chibi Sabertoothcsaber500
Chibi Seekercseeker500
Chibi Snow Owlcsowl500
Chibi Spinocspino300
Chibi Stegocstego300
Chibi Tapejaractape400
Chibi Terror Birdcterror300
Chibi Therizinoctheri400
Chibi Thylacoleocthyla300
Chibi Titanosaurctitano400
Chibi Trikectrike300
Chibi Troodonctroodon400
Chibi Unicorncunicorn1000
Chibi Wyverncwyvern500
Chibi Yutyrannuscyuty400
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