PVP is back, new ticket system, and more


New Ticket System

As many of you know, our ticket system in discord has gone offline. This has expedited the creation of a new ticket system that is more traditional and user friendly. All you have to do is login to the site using one of the approved login providers (we encourage steam to keep track of who we are talking to), navigate to the Support section (found above in the menu links), agree to the ticket disclaimer, and start making your ticket. One of our staff will be with you as soon as we can to help resolve your issue. Now that this is in place, DO NOT use discord to seek support for anything that is more involved than a quick question. Users that DM staff will be directed to fill out a ticket.


Our pvp cluster is once again back! This cluster is not a full cluster but just the core DLC maps. (more maps to come at a later date if this endeavor is proven successful!) Island, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis.

Full information on the pvp server (settings,etc) can be found here.

This server will have a wipe cycle (4-5 months) per season.

There is also a special pve Valguero server called “PVP retire” in which players can transfer their dinos and survivors to if they wish to “retire” from active pvp. This server has a few caveats:

  • No gear/resources can be transferred in or out.
  • once dinos are there, they can never transfer back out.
  • naked survivors may transfer in/out.
  • Players can not “hide” from active pvp on this server.

This server also will be governed by the pve ruleset and will never be wiped aside from the normal 14 days of inactivity.

Just around the corner

We have started to migrate more and more functionality from the discord to the website. I personally have done a massive amount of work in the past few months on getting the website backend ready for some switch overs. Do NOT be alarmed if you start to see things disappear from discord. Some things that are coming up in the next few weeks

  • Consolidating Rule Sets to the website. This is being done to have one ruleset instead of having to maintain two (one on discord and one here on the website). It is far easier to edit here then on the Discord.
  • Store Integrations. We will have a package list complete with buyids available for all our clusters. Players can see a sneak peak of the one for pvp here
  • Various other things. I have been working on getting a leaderboard together for play time, kills, etc.

In closing I would like to take a minute and thank everyone that has been around since we first started with PVP in 2017 and also welcome all the new players. Have fun!

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