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Greetings all! I just wanted to give everyone an update on the state of things here at knights gaming group. I will try to keep this as short as possible yet there is a lot of information to cover!

New Faces!

Many have probably seen a few new squires around our discord! I am pleased to formally introduce SirSlushi, SirLotrap, and last but not least, SirJanksy to our ranks. All of them bring their own unique skillsets and have been a fantastic addition to our team!

Things right around the corner

  1. Boss server! The earliest change we have to announce is the opening of the boss server to the crossplay cluster. This server will be connected to the crossplay cluster and feature a completely void TheIsland map where only Bosses, alphas, and special ‘rare’ dinos will spawn. This server will have increased gear/dino drop rates but keep in mind that this server isnt for the faint of heart as it will be EXTREMELY difficult. Even players at endgame level will have some difficulty. ;-). Some notable things are that boss arenas can only be entered if your player is at level 115+. This was done to low prevent players from entering the arenas to obtain gear. Also these boss arenas will NOT award engrams and gigas will have a 90% nerf while inside. Outside of the arenas, players can hunt for special ‘rare’ dinos that fall from the sky in OSD’s. These are like a mini boss in toughness, so bring your best dinos to take them on! Finally, alphas will spawn in great frequency throughout the land. These also will feature special drops but are much harder than their vanilla counterparts!
  2. Hardware upgrades!!! The time has come to refresh our hardware at our dallas datacenter. Currently, we run on two separate threadripper 1950x’s, 128GB ram, and a few 500GB ssds on consumer grade hardware (aside from the NICs). We will be transitioning prior to Gen part 2 launch to a new box that features a threadripper 2990wx, 256GB ECC ram, server grade motherboard, 4 m.2 2TB drives in pci-e and server grade cooling. We will be decommissioning one of our OG 1950x boxes and sending it off to a new home. As such, this box currently is home to the modded cluster as well as our databases. We will be migrating BOTH crossplay and modded clusters to our new box so expect some downtime. We will do our best to minimize the downtime (hopefully be able to swap within a single day best case). We will not be wiping anything!
  3. Genesis Part 2 Servers. We will be having day one two new genesis part 2 servers! These servers will be handled exactly how we handled DLC releases in the past in which the servers will allow existing players to travel to and from them only with a naked survivor. This restriction will last 15 days from DLC launch. A new change this time is we will be allowing item/dino transfers OFF (not in) the new servers after the 15 day period for another 15 days. Full unrestricted access to and from these new servers will happen after 30 days.

Things that are a little further out

  1. New VIP one-off packages. We know we have been getting this question a lot “when will we be able to purchase VIP packages as a one-off purchase?” and the answer is more complex than a simple “soon” or “in a bit”. The reason we havent launched these yet is we are waiting for functionality to be added to a plugin that allows us to instantly deliver items to a players inventory. The developer is working on this but is so backed up with work, getting a timetable down has been impossible. I am going to attempt to have something put together prior to gen 2 launch.
  2. Minecraft!!! We have some new faces around these parts that will be heading up the minecraft division of knights gaming group. Some of you already know these folks and they have been in the discord already. SirSlushi and his brother SirLotrap are the main minecraft administrators that will be incharge of minecraft. We hope to have this put together by the end of may, just in time for summer breaks 😀
  3. Servers for additional survival based games. We have a few new servers in the works that will be launched after we get our new box racked so stay tuned! If you have any ideas on things that you would like to see, please leave a message in our discord!

I know this was a bit long winded but we aim to do these once a month to keep the playerbase informed on new and exciting things. Thank you again for playing on our servers and we look forward to seeing you in-game!

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