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Q: How do I buy arc points for use in the ARK servers?

A: Visit and select "STORE" from the navigation bar, then hover over "ARc Packages", click this and then select whatever ARc package amount you wish.  Follow the remaining onscreen prompts to be given your ARc bars.  NOTE: You  MUST be ingame and playing for this process to work!

Q:  How do I spend my new points?

A:  Build and place a Reward Vault (search in engrams.) Open its inventory and press the store button.

Q: How long does it take for me to get my ARc Points I just bought?

A: It can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes for your order to be processed.  The game will put your purchased items into your inventory.

Q: What is ArkBot?

A: An in-game companion app for server administrators and players created by the great tsebring. The application monitors and extracts data from any number of configured local ARK servers and exposes this data through a Web App, Web API and Discord Bot. It aims to provide important functions to players: dino listings, food-status, breeding info, statistics; and server admins: rcon-commands, server managing etc. We at knightsgg are tasked with support only. This project is not being actively developed due to funding and bugs may not be fixed.  If you wish to contribute, The project can be found here on github: and is open source.

Q: I hear you are the discord for help with the ArkBot project over on GitHub, I have some questions id like to ask.

A: Please goto the Information Kiosk section and react (click the emoji) to the post in the #role-request   This will give you a special role that will unlock the ArkBot support channels.  Once unlocked, these channels can be found at the bottom left of our discord.

Q: Why do I have negative engram points?

A: We may have needed to adjust the engram ramp to fix an error with not having enough engram points to unlock all.  As such the engrams per level was altered.  Some players will experience a negative or low amount of engram points available.  To correct this, you simply need to make a mindwipe tonic.  Consuming this item will fix your engrams.

Q: I keep getting kicked for "Outgoing reliable buffer overflow" what is this and how can I prevent it?

A: the buffer full kick is from you knowing too many engrams and/or attempting to transfer with too many items. If you mindwipe and only learn the engrams you actually need/use and/or reduce your items carried when you transfer, you will resolve this issue.

Q: Can I learn all engrams at once?

A: Yes and no. At level 100 you can use the command /giveengrams in the chat. You will learn most of them. Tekgrams are excluded.

Q: How do I make a ticket?

A: Ark Knights Gaming Group uses a tribe representative system that allows tribes 1 to 2 members to represent their tribe on discord. We HIGHLY recommend that you use your in-game name as well as have your tribename after your in-game in discord. This allows us to help support the community and helps tribes report any issues that might arise. Tribe representatives have the ability to open report tickets to bring up issues their tribe might be experiencing to the Knights Gaming Group Admin team.

Please open a ticket over in #🦖tickets-ark-pvp🦖 , #🦕tickets-ark-pve🦕 , or #🔥tickets-rust🔥 (choose whatever section is applicable to you) by typing "-new <reason you need an admin>" Example: My tribe leader left and I need ownership of my tribe.  In channel #🦖tickets-ark-pvp🦖 I type -new My tribe leader left and I need ownership of my tribe.

Tickets should NOT be opened for the following reasons:

✦ The recovery of lost creatures or items due to glitches,rollbacks,insiding,or bugs.
✦ The recovery of any creatures caught under the mesh.
◈ Lost structures to Auto-Decay or pvp.
◈ General Questions (We have a #🦕general🦖  discord channel.)
◈ Technical Support (See line above)
◈ Server crashes.
Tickets should be opened for the following reasons:

◈ Find someone in violation of any of the rules.
◈ Protection request after being a victim of a raid.  
◈ Protection abuse to stop or prevent a raid.
◈ Want a private one-on-one with an admin or member of the support team.
◈ ARc Point Issues.
◈ If an administrator tells you to do so.
◈ Tribe ownership transfer due to an error or missing tribe owner please let us know with a ticket.

When opening a ticket, please ensure that you are genuine. Tickets made in excess or to harass the Knights Gaming Group staff/other players are deemed punishable.
You can increase the effectiveness of your tickets by including as much information as possible, as well as video or picture evidence. We never make our decisions and actions regarding potential malicious player behavior lightly. Suspensions, warnings, and/or bans are only issued after careful review of all internal and external evidence.

Q: How can I get special ranks?  I see a lot of users with ranks and I would like one!

A: Please goto the  #role-request  and type _checkroles or simply react (click the emoji) to the post in whichever section you are looking to get access to.

Q: I love your servers and wish to donate, how can I do this?

A: Simply type /donate anywhere in the discord to donate.  Alternatively press Del in-game and purchase some ARc points!  All donations go directly back into the servers running costs as well as fund development for ArkBot.  You may also contribute via our Patreon found here:

Q: I want to see something added to the cluster(s) in either a mod or a setting. How can I request a poll/suggest something?

A: Poll/suggestion requests are granted if all of the following criteria are met:

1. a vast majority of the population requests the same thing.
2. You have been a member of the cluster for more than 60 days.
3. The change would be a QOL (Quality of life) improvement.
4. Would not be detrimental to the game-play experience WildCard has provided on their official server environment.

Q: I can't see any channels aside from the Information Kiosk section in Discord, why?

A: By default, you will not see any channels, this is normal. You will need to navigate here: #role-request and select which sections you are interested accessing in by clicking on the emoji. You may choose more than one section to have access to.  This will also unlock the voice coms channels.

Q: I don't want to see notifications when you ping groups of people on Discord!

A: If you don't want to see the notifications, simply turn off notifications in the discord for this server.
 You can do this by right clicking on the server icon on the left-hand side of Discord and navigate to "Notification Settings".  Select the "Nothing" option under "Server Notification Settings" and click "Done" at the bottom. NOTE: You will NOT see any notifications or mentions anymore so you may miss important announcements!

Q: Why can't I swap the gender of my dino?  Its not working after I transferred servers.

A: When you transfer servers with a male dino, it doesn't stop it from mating again but it does have a cool down for when you can swap its gender. Unfortunately, this timer is not visible and may take 24-48 to lift.

Q: What timezone is the server?

A: All times posted are central time.

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