Discord Rules

Rule #1 No excessive swearing or racism. This will result in immediate muting or banning.

Rule #2 No intentional spamming of admin ticket request or in general, this is heavily looked down upon and will result in 5 days ban that will be stackable with repetition.

Rule#2.5 It is not allowed to bring a topic to admin attention more than once in order to try and get another result.

Rule #3 No personal attacks or berating players is allowed, this includes Admins. In #?salt? , #?salt? . maintain respect for the individual or you will be muted and/or kicked.

Rule #4 Advertising other servers or groups is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate lifetime ban.

Rule#5 Use exclusively the designated channel for ticket requests on each category for help on our servers and in case of reports, present proof when submitting your ticket with the criteria laid out under the “Reporting” section in #?⛏minecraft-rules⛏? , #??ark-rules?? or it’ll be dismissed.

Rule #6 Poll/suggestion requests made in #?suggestions? , #?suggestions? or #⛏suggestions⛏ are granted if all of the following criteria are met:

“`1. a vast majority of the population requests the same thing.

  1. You have been a member of the cluster for more than 60 days.
  2. The change would be a QOL (Quality of life) improvement.
  3. Would not be detrimental to the game-play experience the game developer has provided on their official server environment.“`

Rule #7: Do NOT tag admins, groups, everyone, or here. Do NOT DM admins. Please utilize the ticket process we have laid out in #ticket-request if you have an issue. You may tag me @SirShaw#7204 ONCE and only once if your require immediate emergency assistance. Failure to abide by this may result in you being removed from Discord.

Rule #8: While feedback is welcome, please do not suggest a wipe/wipe schedule for the servers or suggest how to run them. These are smaller playerbase servers and we are content with this. Our servers have been online since 2017 and we have experienced administrative staff ranging from seasoned official pvp to unofficial pve players. We will discuss data wipes for the servers when we need to in our administrative channels and inform the player base when a wipe is coming, roughly 1 week in advance. The last wipe date is found in the server name. Yes this is kept vague intentionally. What we will say is we aim for the longest seasons as possible and the goal is a 3-5 months per season.