We have elected to disable the pickup on the tek transmitter on crossplay for multiple reasons. It has unfortunately become “meta” for players to use tek transmitters as “pocket infinite suitcases” for farming, dino storage, etc. It hasn’t been an issue until recently but because more and more players are reaching tek tier and using the tek transmitters as these “pocket infinite suitcases”, so its become something we need to address.

Firstly, using these in this fashion makes the server microstutter for everyone connected whenever someone uploads/downloads stacks of resources almost always. The crossark transfer system was never meant to be used as a mechanism for infinite weight storage and constant uploading/downloading. It isn’t a server hardware thing, its a game server coding thing that cant be fixed. Its more noticeable on weekends as the farming is easier with the increased rates.

Secondly, it can be considered almost an exploit given players are using transmitters not how they were intended to be used by WildCard. We aim for an “official-like” play experience with QOL improvements and I can tell you on official servers, structure pick up isn’t enabled so this really isn’t an issue. However, on a server where we do a QOL change to allow structure pickup, its a borderline exploitative.

Thirdly, this also can be related to the “ascension bug”. We have had players lose their player profiles recently on completion of bosses that provide ascension to the players as this process uses the crossark system as well. What we think may be happening is when players are uploading/downloading stacks of thousands of resources, its creating a timeout scenario and the game simply times out when trying to save the players data to the cloud.

Fourthly, this behavior can also be linked to players completely corrupting the crossark cloud save data for their player profile resulting in the loss of their player profile and/or items/dinos that were uploaded.

In closing we want to say that we understand this has become the meta for farming and will upset some. We apologize for this. Please understand that we are doing this to help with server performance, fairness, and fun. No one likes a laggy server, losing their items/tames, or having to start over because of a lost character. Thank You.

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